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Posted on: 18-02-2017

On the 8th and 9th of December 2016 approximately 300 participants gathered to contribute to the development of the European Strategy on Plastics. It was a very intriguing and energizing conference with a highly interactive programme, numerous discussions engaging speakers and collective eagerness to sustain momentum: let’s keep this going!
Ambitions and expectations are high! A future with less plastic waste, with greater focus on new ways to (re)use plastics and on better design to reduce the application of plastic in products, is a future that we all visualized. And more…! Around 30 success business cases and issues were discussed at the roundtables. Participants felt inspired and triggered. In those two days, we witnessed the power of collective thinking and action. We saw stakeholders from distinct parts of the plastics value chain come together to bring about change. Stakeholders shared their expertise and experiences, and co-creating possibilities to realize a more rapid and through transition towards a Circular Plastics Economy.
Everyone agreed: the EU Conference on Plastics was a very good start to accelerate a circular plastic transition. And again: we have to carry on!
We treasure the efforts and contribution! We fully exploited the value of having so many engaged stakeholders in the room and together we made the EU Conference on Plastics a huge success. Next week, a newsletter with the very first key actions in pursue of a Circular Plastics Economy will be send out. The output of the roundtable discussions will serve as input for the EU Strategy on Plastics, will form the basis of our national policy and of the transition agenda on plastics, which is part of the Circular Economy Programme. In January 2017, more detailed information with regard to the knowledge and actions created in the roundtables will be communicated.
All participants of the EU conference on Plastics will be invited to stay (pro)active in this transition and the follow up actions. We will facilitate this by means of stakeholder meetings both at the national and European level, and by directly involving participants who have contributed to the roundtable discussions during the conference. In February 2017, the Steering Committee of the Plastic Value Chain Agreement will discuss the next steps with the European Commission. At the end of 2017 a follow up of this conference will be organized. Also internationally, thoughts and actions to further include plastics in the circular economy are being set up. We will keep you posted!

SwitchMed Business Networking Implemented by UNIDO in Egypt

Posted on: 18-02-2017

SwitchMed, together with UNIDO, present Eco-Innovative market ready applications to Egyptian businesses in the manufacturing sector, boosting the development of a circular economy in Egypt.

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