In the era of soaring raw material prices, we offer a cost-saving alternative to virgin plastic

Van Maren Systems successfully upcycles mixed post consumer plastic materials , after effective separation. We developed several types of quality recycled plastic materials. We implement further shredding, separation, and highly efficient washing and drying. The material will be upgraded through several process steps. Proprietary additives and natural fibers are used to meet our customers’ requirements from simple quality levels up to ultra-high performing materials with specific sustainable design benefits. These benefits are: cutting weight to improve fuel economy; reducing waste and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions through up-cycling of post-consumer plastics; providing exceptional flame-smoke-toxicity performance without the use of halogenated additives; and providing a longer life to applications.


Our recycled plastic granules are re-melted, degassed and extensively filtered from impurities in an extruder to become regranulates. They can have various dimensions. Product specifications are similar to virgin plastics.  

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Our recycled agglomerates are treated by means of frictional heat, without any major thermal stress, to become free-flowing agglomerates. They can have various dimensions and have high bulk density.  

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Our recycled pellets are treated by means of compaction, without any major thermal stress to become free-flowing pellets. They are available in dimensions from 6 mm diameter and have high bulk density.

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    Materials on offer


    Recycled materials

    As we are closely involved in the selection and composition of recycled materials used for plastic pallet manufacturing, we also offer a selection of these for use in other applications/manufacturing processes. Furthermore we implement our knowledge(network) within the European plastics-recycling industry to source specific recycling streams in order to provide a tailored material solution for any particular manufacturing process and its resulting end-product. There is an ongoing supply available for a number of materials, ranging from low-cost agglomerates, unwashed regrinds up to hot-washed regrinds and fully (re-)granulated plastic raw-materials. The origin of these materials generally lies in (post-consumer)waste-streams of commodity polymers, such as PE and PP, which are recycled in to the above mentioned forms. Here are some of the materials of which an ongoing supply is available:
    • PP and PE  (re-)granulated
    • PP and PE washed regrind
    • PP and PE unwashed regrind
    • PO agglomerates

    Offset / Near-prime materials

    Since the start of 2015 we also have access to an ongoing supply of “near to prime” polymers. These materials are slight offsets of virgin grade polymers produced by major (middle-eastern)manufacturers and possess nearly identical properties. Either to be used in combination with other materials, or as a direct input-material for processing-machinery, these materials will generally perform more consistently than recycled materials, and require less adjusting of machine-settings while still providing an advantage in cost compared to virgin materials. The materials can be supplied consistently within a slight deviation range of all stated specifications. Datasheets, and various options for trial-deliveries, of all materials are available enabling clients to conduct the necessary checks and testing needed to ensure the performances are up to requirement.