Van Maren Systems will be the first in Europe to integrate the preparation of the recycled material in the production of components.

The availability of a sufficient volume of recycled plastic materials is seen as one of the main success factors of the project.

Activities EU project

The work in the RecycledPalletSystem project is structured in several areas:

1. Securing resources and applications
We have to ensure a sufficient supply of input materials (plastic waste) and a solid involvement of end-users representing different applications of the pallet blocks

2. Setting up the production facility

3. First market application (testing)
We will be testing the pallet blocks with our launching customers

4. Evaluation and impact assessment
We will do several Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) studies to underpin the environmental impacts of our production facility. We will compare the impact of our pallet components made of recycled plastics to those made of wood and compressed wood). We will also do an evaluation of the customer trials.

5. Exploitation and business planning

6. Communications of the results
At the end of the project, we will communicate our experiences. The experiences of our launching customers and the environmental benefits of the recycled plastic pallet block compared to its wooden counter part will be most important.