Van Maren Systems will be the first in Europe to integrate preparation of the recycled material with the production of components.


This project was initiated by Van Maren Systems and started in 2011. We will build a production facility, in the Netherlands, for pallet components and plastic agglomerates. The input materials are post consumer recycled plastics, which is considered a very difficult waste stream. We will be the first in Europe to integrate the preparation of the recycled material in the production facility, ensuring a very low ecological footprint of our plastic products.

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EU Project

In 2011, a grant from the European Commission funding scheme that supports Eco-innovation was awarded to Van Maren Systems for its RecycledPalletSystem initiative. In the report of the Grant Committee, the RecycledPalletSystem project by van Maren Systems was evaluated as “… The main innovative advantage of the proposed solution refers to the use of mixed post-consumer plastics as an input of the pallet blocks as opposite to widely used wood or other types of plastic waste.”

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